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Dr. Cady has recorded quite a number of videos on YouTube featuring explanations of our TMS program, actual patient interviews of some of our patients at CWI, and discussions of treatment options.  That video channel is available here: .

For information about the latest, state-of-the-art treatment for depression offered at CWI – with magnetic treatment instead of drugs –  you can check out our specific TMS site here: .

The Cady Wellness Institute app for the iPhone and iOS devices, as well as all Google Android devices and tablets are available. Among other things, this app includes one-button access to call the front office or to get GPS-assisted directions from wherever you are to our front door.

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Empowered Patients, the Implosion of the Sick Care System, and New Paradigms in Medical and WELLNESS Care for the 21st Century

In April, I awoke to the latest of many controversies in billionaire Mark Cuban’s life. Mr. Cuban, it seems, “ignited a digital firestorm on Twitter” with his seemingly out of the blue query about whether or not it would be a good idea for people to test […]

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TMS – the 21st Century Treatment for Depression

For those of you who may have (a) missed this, (b) had no need for it at the time, or (c ) didn’t have a relative or loved one dealing with depression at the time, or (d) just didn’t get it in your social media feeds, I wanted […]

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A Shattered Mind, And Music Within

On October 25th, 2014 I had one of my professional paradigms and prejudices confronted and shattered. I was in Cincinnati to attend a psychiatric CME program on treating resistant mental disorders. No other biological psychiatric disorder is as difficult to treat to perfection and recovery as schizophrenia. […]

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No Flu Shot? But What About Those 30,000 Death Per Year??

One of my very good friends, who has a brilliant mind, recently called me out on my objection to the “flu shot.” This followed a lecture here at Cady Wellness institute by our biomedical consultant, Marcella Piper-Terry, MS, on the dangers of several different types of immunizations. […]

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The Slow Motion Train Wreck (& Resurrection?) of Medicine in the US

In a MEDSCAPE story I read this morning, I found this: “15-Minute Visits Take Toll on Doctor-Patient Relationship.”  Well: no duh!! When did things head south?  “No one knows exactly why 15 minutes became the norm, but many experts trace the time crunch back to Medicare’s 1992 […]

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