Weight Loss

At Cady Wellness Institute, we believe in a comprehensive approach to wellness that focuses on the health of the mind as well as the body. When men and women are carrying excess weight on their bodies, it can lead to a loss of self-confidence as well as lead to serious health consequences.

Our weight loss services can help improve your body contours as well as your overall health and lead to a better quality of life.

Serving Newburgh and surrounding areas in Indiana, Cady Wellness is led by Dr. Louis Cady. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and find out how our weight loss services can help improve your body appearance and health with a targeted, comprehensive approach to wellness.

Why Choose Weight Loss at Cady Wellness Institute?

There are multiple weight loss products and programs, but many of these “cookie-cutter” remedies do not focus on the unique needs of the individual. At our office in Newburgh, Dr. Cady will take the time to listen to your wellness concerns and develop a weight loss treatment plan that is specifically targeted to you and your goals. While conventional weight loss programs can have unpredictable results and offer no guidance along the way, Dr. Cady’s unique and comprehensive approach to weight loss is physician-directed, offering you support throughout your treatment with sustainable, long-lasting weight loss.

What Weight Loss Solutions are Available?

Unlike other weight loss programs where one plan is expected to work for everyone, Dr. Cady and our medical team understand that weight loss is not a one size fits all solution. We utilize functional medical testing and other diagnostics to evaluate the needs of your body and combine therapies that improve and maintain the wellness of both the mind and body, such as bioidentical hormones.

What are the Benefits of Physician-Directed Weight Loss?

It can be difficult to stay motivated and track your results with conventional solutions, but with a personalized plan that is targeted to your specific needs and goals, Dr. Cady and our medical team lend support throughout your weight loss program and can make adjustments to ensure that you achieve optimal results. Rather than participate in fad diets or programs that have unproven, unpredictable results.