Mental Health

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Mental Health

At CWI, we use a multi-modal approach to helping patients achieve either, or both, personal wellness and mental health goals. This approach includes an exhaustively complete intake evaluation to “get the database” and to ensure a competent historical foundation with scrupulously accurate recording of medication trials and any response, coupled with a methodical evaluation with conventional and functional labs.

Computerized testing is utilized where indicated.  There is a strong emphasis on empathy with the patient, and all clinicians that work at CWI are carefully screened for their interpersonal warmth and capacity for caring for our patients.

Patients come to us in three distinct categories: patients seeking health optimization and wellness, patients with specifically identified mental health challenges that have not yet been definitively addressed, and a third, unexpected category: those patients who come in and have determined themselves, or been told by a professional, that theirs is “a mental health issue” and that they need to “consult a psychiatrist.”

All too frequently, we find that many of those patients do not have a primary mental health issue, but that their hormones (including thyroid, adrenal, and sex steroids) are out of balance.  (We also consider children on the autism spectrum as likely presenting with medical problems first, working those up before even considering using psychiatric medications.)

For all these reasons, we proceed calmly, rationally, and methodically – first obtaining the database and then scrupulously testing to avoid trying to treat an underlying and masquerading medical issue as a “mental health problem.”

When we do undertake the specific treatment of mental health and psychiatric issues, medications are used precisely, carefully, and at ideal therapeutic dosage.  With advances in the options now available in psychiatry and mental health, it is entirely possible to be treated to complete remission and never has a drug side effect of “feel like you’re on something.”   We also use functional genomic testing to determine the possibility of things in the patient’s genetic profile that could be addressed to fundamentally improve, or even make unnecessary, the use of conventional psychiatric medications.

At Cady Wellness Institute, no matter the underlying issue, we emphasize treating to remission where the patient is clinically well and not just “a little better.”

For medical issues, we prescribe all hormones required to take care of thyroid, adrenal, and sex hormone abnormalities.   For mental health, we use individual and couples counseling, insight-oriented psychotherapy, and other forms of trauma recovery therapy all as needed in conjunction with medication.  Sometimes Dr. Cady provides therapy in conjunction with medication visits, and sometimes therapists at CWI will collaborate on cases.