Our Services

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Hormone Therapy

To provide the best-individualized treatment, we take scrupulous histories, as well as doing a scrupulous mental status exam and review of potential medical issues that might complicate treatment. We use all forms of bioidentical therapy that are uniformly based in peer-reviewed medical literature.

Mental Health

At CWI, we use a multi-modal approach to helping patients achieve either, or both, personal wellness and mental health goals. There is a strong emphasis on empathy with the patient, and all clinicians that work at CWI are carefully screened for their interpersonal warmth and capacity for caring for our patients.

Weight Loss

At Cady Wellness Institute, we believe in a comprehensive approach to wellness that focuses on the health of the mind as well as the body. A holistic emphasis focusing on education and supplementation, rather than “popping a pill.” Medication is only used when truly necessary. 

Functional Medical Testing

We use a wide variety of functional neuropsychiatry testing methods to more thoroughly evaluate the complete picture of a patient’s health. These investigations include delayed sensitivity, food allergies (commonly seen in ADHD and autism) as well as micronutrients, essential fatty acid and genomic testing.