Our Unique Process

Our Unique Process

A vibrant, peak–performance life is within reach!
A vibrant, peak–performance life is within reach!

The Cady Wellness Institute provides guidance and medical insight to help unlock life’s potential.  With our customized NeuroVitality® Program. We orchestrate a comprehensive realignment in mental and physical performance by combining unmatched medical investigation, leading advancements in neuroscience and technology, and a focus on collaboration in patient care.

  1. Determine Needs & Services

Caring begins before the first appointment. During our first phone conversation, we will help determine if your needs and our services would be complementary and therapeutic.

We respect your time and will do everything to ensure you begin your process with Cady Wellness on sure footing, and with clear expectations and confidence. If circumstances merit, we will recommend testing prior to your visit.

  1. NeuroVitality®

Our first appointment is an essential element to establish a range of co-investigation and treatment. This NeuroVitality® Interview thoughtfully explores medical and personal history, as well as any previous testing ordered prior to the appointment, resulting in a concentrated focus on a specific range of diagnoses.

Treatment begins once we analyze the connections between mind and body issues, as well as their interaction with the environment.

  1. BodySystems Diagnostics™

To confirm the diagnosis and treatment considerations, the doctor will order or begin refining the tailored BodySystems Diagnostics™.

This diagnostic process develops insight into neurodiagnostic, optimal mind-body-health balance, and hormonal clinical pathways that may be affecting health or mental performance.

  1. Therapeutic
    Synthesis Appointments™

Following the NeuroVitality® Interview and the Body Systems Diagnostics™, Therapeutic Synthesis Appointments™ provide the opportunity to collaborate on our findings.

Together, we build upon insights from your mind-body health, feedback on any prescribed medication or supplements, and the doctor’s analysis of lab results, collaborations, and testing. Our synthetic approach continues as solutions are strategically identified.

Nutrients, pharmaceuticals, hormones, and health optimization exercises and activities will be prescribed if needed. Natural and holistic means will be emphasized.

  1. Peak Performance Generator ™ appointments

Mental performance and physical health are monitored as they continue to improve. These Peak Performance Generator ™ appointments are scheduled in response to progress.

As needed, appointments and diagnostics are scheduled and prescriptions and supplementation refined as we continue to advance the course of treatment.

  1. Wellness Alliance™ Appointments

The purpose of Cady Wellness Institute is to enable patients to live abundant and vibrant lives at the peak of human performance.

In order to help maintain this optimal course and continue to refine our work together, we proactively schedule Wellness Alliance™ appointments to support patients in their life’s adventure and to proactively identify and quickly intervene when problems are detected.