Features & Benefits

Critical to our success is our notion that we do not believe in cranking patients through like widgets, and we will take the time to do it right the first time. Indeed, we are guided by Zig Ziglar’s famous aphorism: “You can have everything in life you want if you just help enough other people get what they want.” That notion of service and devotion to our patients and clients is the therapeutic touchstone of our practice.

Following our thorough, complete evaluation (typically done with treatment team members at CWI), we will review with the patient our treatment plan and recommendations. For age management patients and wellness-focused evaluations, literally “everything is on the table.” This may include imaging studies, laboratory evaluations, use of state of the art functional medicine testing, as well as functional genetics testing to pick up increased risks for particular disease or inflammatory conditions. Our philosophy is that if it is in the peer-reviewed medical literature with validation, it’s fair game!

In addition to the biological approach, we also emphasize a holistic one, with the appropriate dietary, and behavioral changes, as indicated, to improve the life and function of the patient. Our programs are conservative, gentle, progressive, and easy to accomplish. Supplementation and hormonal optimization, alongside behavioral and dietary changes, actually make them quite easy. In addition, there are three current “tracks” for wellness with our Wellness Peak ™ Experiences. These include “Love Your Body, Love Your Life!” for attaining optimal weight and fitness levels; “Free From Tobacco!” to eliminate the scourge of this addiction from your life, and the “Intensive Change Psychotherapy [ICP ™] weekend program for making radical changes and progress in your life.

Exhaustively complete the intake and evaluation process. Nothing is missed.

Nothing is missed. ALL RELEVANT HEALTH RISKS ARE SCREENED FOR – something that hardly even happens at conventional appointments. All relevant medical or psychiatric background and family history is reviewed, which is critical for informed decision making.

The patient is seen ON TIME [“20 minutes or it’s free”] unless a medical emergency has disrupted the schedule.

Patients do not have to wait. They can plan their day and their schedule appropriately. There are no nasty surprises in terms of having to “wait an hour at the doctor’s office.”

We have a “no zombie” policy on psychiatric medications, if they are appropriate for your case.

The benefit is obvious. You, or your child, will never experience the extremely worrisome, if not panic-inducing side effects of a psychiatric medication given at too high a dose.

A holistic emphasis is a way we think.

This avoids over-reliance on a “fix it with a pill” approach – either with wellness issues or psychiatric ones.

We give patients things to take out the door and read and refer to. Dr. Cady gives out actual typed chart notes and reading assignments; other team members, who do not type rapidly, give out reading assignments and helpful information.

Dr. Cady’s view is that the patient deserves a COMPLETE UNDERSTANDING of what is going on, as well as the treatment plan. It’s easier to take medications as prescribed if you have the directions right there in front of you, typed.

Excellent communication with our referring doctors, as well as our patients’ doctors who didn’t even refer them in!INSTANT AVAILABILITY BY CELL PHONE FOR EMERGENCIES. If there’s a problem, we want to hear about it, FAST!

Dr. Cady’s philosophy was forged at Mayo Clinic, where he trained: physicians and health care colleagues should be able to play as a TEAM.

Sometimes his notes, which integrate all aspects of a patient’s care, are the only clue that some members of the patient’s health care team have that there are other specialists involved, and what precisely they are doing (and prescribing)! This helps incredibly in maximizing the efficiency of the health care the patient receives and decreasing the possibility of mistakes.

“Endocrine awareness” – we check your hormones as carefully as we check the rest of you!

It wasn’t until Dr. Cady heard a paradigm-shattering presentation of Dr. Alan Mintz, the CEO, and Founder of Cenegenics, that he realized the role of maintaining hormone levels and optimum levels to achieve peak performance.

When Dr. Cady started to have his own brief “sag” in his forties, he became a believer! To our knowledge, the Cady Wellness Institute is the only medical institute in this area which integrates an evaluation of the endocrine system in wellness evaluations – much less, psychiatric ones.

Use of collaborative evaluations of patients with other talented professionals.

Tends to keep costs down. Also takes advantage of the unique talents and abilities of other members of the treatment team.

ABSOLUTE SATISFACTION is guaranteed at the time of your appointment* or you pay no money.

With almost all doctors and professional service firms, you pay whether or not you are satisfied. We feel that this sort of guarantee actually allows our patients to relax a bit when they come in; after all,

If someone is guaranteeing your satisfaction at your initial appointment, it’s either going to be free, or very, very good!! Either option is an automatic “win” for the patient.

Detailed laboratory and imaging assessment, if indicated, to get to the bottom of medical and physiological issues.

Nothing is missed.

We educate our patients.

This leads to increased understanding and compliance.

We give out samples to the maximum extent possible.

This allows us to start medications LOW and SLOW if indicated and ensures that the patient or insurance company will not be paying out hundreds of dollars for an expensive prescription that is found, after just one dose, to not be able to be tolerated.

We consider the entire world’s peer-reviewed medical literature in our playground. We absolutely do not embrace “fringe” or “alternative” modalities. We use only contemporary findings published in respected medical journals.

While this might not seem like much of a “feature and benefit”, the startling fact is that most physicians and health care providers use only a small fraction of what’s available.

By limiting themselves to the “medicine of the past,” they are sabotaging their own potential greatness in being able to assess and assist their patients. At CWI, we literally want to use every tool and resource possible to get our patients well and leading lives of peak performance!

Group therapy processes are guaranteed to effect radical and dramatic changes in patients’ lives

Too frequently, all the best intentions of patients go out the window when they return home from their “trip to the doctor.” Dr. Cady uses group process and motivational techniques from his personal mentors, including Zig Ziglar and John Assaraf – the man who built ReMax of Indiana to its multi-billion dollar worth.

These groups, dealing with ideal body weight, breaking the addiction of tobacco, optimal life-planning with ADHD, and an Intensive Change Psychotherapy weekend experience, allow the patient to benefit from changing his or her psychology and behavior patterns, without relying exclusively on the biological adjustments which may be under way.