The Institute

Achieve your optimal personal and physical well-being.

At the Cady Wellness Institute, we believe you are a unique person of value, and we seek to support your optimal health and wellness. Scholars and philosophers as far back as Socrates and Hippocrates argued that treatment of the patient as a whole person, rather than simply treating a series of symptoms, renders the best and longest lasting successful outcomes.

Holistic medicine approaches wellness from physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual vantage points to ensure total healing and wellness. When all of the pieces of the puzzle come together, a patient can better see and evaluate their life for happiness.  Dr. Cady and staff work with patients to ensure every piece of the puzzle is accounted for and that patients have the necessary skills to put them all in the appropriate place.


We dramatically transform the lives of our patients and clients to levels of peak physical and mental health, and maximum performance and happiness.


We accomplish these goals using our compassion, knowledge, and professional excellence and skills. We use the latest research and technologies, and honor the unique gifts and life experiences of our world-class staff. We leave the world a better place – nurturing and empathically caring for the ill and suffering – and by our example, as well as research and publication, fundamentally change the practice of medicine and the delivery of health care.


We accomplish our vision and mission by attracting the most extraordinary clinical staff and support personnel in existence.


What We Do

Cady Wellness Institute offers traditional medicine – often referred to as allopathic medicine – approaches in conjunction with peer-reviewed and supported holistic treatments to look beyond uncomfortable symptoms and address the root of illness and disease. Convergence of these methods allows our staff to quickly bring you comfort while also providing lasting changes that will improve your quality of life in a sustainable way. Dr. Cady and his staff will evaluate your case and the relevant lab work to determine if you might benefit from alternative or complementary medicine treatments. Including:

Features & Benefits

Critical to our success is our notion that we do not believe in cranking patients through like widgets, and we will take the time to do it right the first time. Indeed, we are guided by Zig Ziglar’s famous aphorism: “You can have everything in life you want if you just help enough other people get what they want.” That notion of service and devotion to our patients and clients is the therapeutic touchstone of our practice.

Following our thorough, complete evaluation (typically done with treatment team members at CWI), we will review with the patient our treatment plan and recommendations.

For age management patients and wellness-focused evaluations, literally “everything is on the table.” This may include imaging studies, laboratory evaluations, use of state of the art functional medicine testing, as well as functional genetics testing to pick up increased risks for particular disease or inflammatory conditions. Our philosophy is that if it is in the peer-reviewed medical literature with validation, it’s fair game!