The clinical focus of the Cady Wellness Institute is two-fold:

  • The provision of psychiatric and psychological services using all traditional models of care, and integrating state of the art findings in all of the world’s medical and psychiatric literature;
  • A holistic focus on wellness and age management care for men and women as well as their children – who wish to maximize physical and mental health and achieve lives of absolute peak performance.

The Cady Wellness Institute is modeled after Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, with the three core Mayo initiatives:

  • patient care,
  • research,
  • and teaching.
  • In addition, a fourth initiative was added: 10% of all profits will be earmarked and donated to charities. A board will be solicited and seated to oversee this distribution. Reports of monies disbursed will be available to all patients and interested parties. A charitable foundation will be established when logistics and cash flow permit the financial and time resources require for its creation. Further monies will then be solicited for the charitable provision of mental health care services in the community.

The Cady Wellness Institute is a place where miracles happen. Because of the wonderful training I was blessed to receive, the ongoing continuing medical education I committed to accomplish, intellectual humility to the peer-reviewed medical literature and more experienced colleagues, and loving, wonderful, synergistic and healing relationships with my professional and support staff, my colleagues and I have already seen miracles happen in the lives of our patients. It is my intention that this will continue, magnify, and intensify, and that through our combined efforts we will be able to serve, help, and heal many more lives.

The Cady Wellness Institute is not only committed to raising the psychiatrically and medically moribund to physical and mental health and wellness, but committed to advancing the physical, cognitive, and spiritual states of willing and searching children, men, and women who are not living lives of optimal performance but who desire to achieve them.

Our therapeutic and intellectual underpinnings are the following:

  • Rigorous intellectual honesty and familiarity with state-of-the-art medical, psychiatric, and holistic practices and interventions;
  • Reverence for our patients, our patients’ life stories, and a celebration of the successes they have achieved thus far;
  • An unquestioned acceptance and universally positive regard for our patients, who are at our Institute because they are searching and seeking;
  • Delightful, synergistic, and intellectually vigorous relationships with all of our professional colleagues on staff as well as our colleagues in practice and research outside of the Institute. We will delight in each other’s knowledge base and insights, as well as the resultant and synergistic therapeutic possibilities this collaboration offers all of our patients;
  • Service to our medical and psychiatric colleagues locally, regionally, and nationally by our emphasis on collegial collaboration, smooth flow of data and laboratory values, keeping other professionals apprised of our work with their patients (within the dictates of confidentiality issues, where appropriate), and an emphasis on cooperation, not competition.
  • We do not seek to replace, supplant, or substitute for established patient-physician relationships. We serve to augment, support, and magnify the possibilities of other physicians by our collaboration with them the synergistic application of all of our intellectual efforts towards our patients’ well-being. This is already a reality with the provision of incredibly thorough, neatly typed summaries detailing all aspects of a patient’s care going back to their primary doctors as well as all other consultants involved in their cases.

We use all known modalities of interventions, grounded in the peer-reviewed medical literature, including, but not limited to the following:

  1. Lifestyle review and interventions – both of the patient, and, if indicated, family systems;
  2. Establishment of healthy and nutritious dietary protocols;
  3. Use of exercise for cardiovascular and aerobic fitness and maintenance of muscle tone, as indicated;
  4. Meditation and contemplation congruent with the patient-client’s own spiritual/religious paradigm;
  5. Advanced laboratory analysis to evaluate our patients’ underlying medical, nutritional, endocrinologic status, and their possible toxic exposures in order to evaluate our patients at a “functional” level – that is, at the foundation of their health. These latter evaluations will be accomplished through collaboration with modern, state-of-the-art medical laboratories. All of these evaluations will be founded on universally accepted, intellectually sound, and validated concepts of biochemistry, physiology, immunology. neurophysiology, and psychoneuroimmunology.
  6. Use of vitamins and nutraceuticals, if indicated;
  7. Use of hormonal optimization, if indicated;
  8. Synergistic use, if indicated, of aggressive, precise, and rational selection of traditional medical and psychiatric medications with emphasis on minimizing and eliminating all side effects humanly possible by precise utilization;
  9. Use of these medications for the shortest amount of time possible, but as long as necessary and appropriate;
  10. Maximum economy to protect and honor the patient’s resources: we emphasize the rapid, expeditious, efficient, and intellectually and therapeutically aggressive approach to effect positive and healing changes in our patients’ lives as rapidly as possible, within the confines of care and deliberateness to avoid side effects of any medication, nutraceutical, or any other intervention. Out of pocket costs will be minimized whenever possible. Samples are given, when available. Limited prescriptions are given, (if their effect is uncertain), in order to avoid wasting patients’ monies. All laboratory assessments ordered are for specific purposes and are done in the most cost-effective manner possible. The emphasis is on getting the answers quickly, getting the treatments started quickly, and then saving money on the “back end” with increased mental and/or physical health, improved performance, radically lessened need for physician visits, and relegation of the Institute to a place where our valued patients and clients go several times a year for mental and physical health maintenance rather than struggling to find the answers.

For our patients, the Cady Wellness Institute is a place where they feel at home, cared for, secure, and valued as unique and special individuals. We do not discriminate against any race, political persuasion, or religious or sexual preference. We consider all of our patients and clients our human brothers and sisters, and we desire mutually respectful working and therapeutic relationships with all. It is our belief and concept that when people are treated with kindness, warmth, and respect, that those feelings will be reciprocated. We endeavor to do that to the maximum extent possible.

For our local community, for society at large, and for those who are not our patients or clients, the Cady Wellness Institute endeavors to be a source of ongoing educational material and inspiration through publishing, lecture activities, and internet presence.

For our staff, the Cady Wellness Institute is a place where my professional colleagues, support staff, and I collaborate in a playful spirit of fun, with humor and liveliness in the workplace, but with seriousness and devotion toward the therapeutic work we are privileged to share with our patients. We maintain the deepest mutual respect and admiration for each other, and delight in collaboration and synergism with each other in the service of our patients and clients.

It is to these principles that we have dedicated our professional lives.


Louis B. Cady, M.D.
Founder, CEO, Medical Director
The Cady Wellness Institute