Women around the world experience a time in their lives known as menopause when they reach a certain age. The exact age that a person begins to experience these symptoms is different for each individual, but virtually all females go through this. The experience is one in which the body begins to cease production of certain hormones related to reproduction. It can be an uncomfortable or even painful experience for some women and that is why hormone replacement therapy exists.

Benefits of Hormone Replacement Therapy

Women can experience a relief from the more difficult symptoms of menopause. Men can manage andropause through hormone replacement.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Hormone Replacement Therapy?

Anyone can ask their doctor if they believe that hormone replacement therapy is a good response to any kind of medical conditions that they may be going through. Below are some symptoms that usually qualify people for hormone therapy:

Moderate to Severe Hot Flashes- Many women experience hot flashes as part of menopause. They are unpleasant, but some are able to push through them a bit more easily than others. A lot of this has to do with how severe the actual hot flashes are. Those who have moderate or even severe hot flashes should consider hormone replacement therapy more seriously than the rest of us.

Periods Stopped Before Age 40- Most should continue to have periods until they are at least to age 40. Anyone who ends up not having periods before this age must carefully consider their options when it comes to hormone replacement therapy. It makes them a good candidate because they have reached menopause prematurely and their symptoms may be more severe as a result.

These are two examples of people who might want to look into hormone replacement therapy very carefully. They are definitely in line for being good candidates for this procedure in the near future.

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