It is common for both men and women to experience hormone fluctuations. These fluctuations are usually occur because of a person’s diet, stress, the aging process, and other factors. It is normal to experience a fluctuation in hormones throughout your lifetime. So, how do you know if you are a good candidate for bio-identical hormone therapy?

In order for you to have a good idea of the level of your hormones, you need to have some tests done. When you visit our office for your initial consultation, the doctor is going to order certain tests in order to see if you have abnormal hormone levels. If your hormone levels are normal, there is no reason for you to use bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. Your body is producing hormones at a healthy level, and so you do not need any replacements. While you may not need this therapy, you may need other treatments in order to help you feel better.

Are you experiencing symptoms that are not appropriate for your age? For example, women who are in their 30’s should not be experiencing symptoms that are related to menopause. Unfortunately, there are women who are experiencing hot flashes, headaches, and other menopause symptoms when it is not the appropriate time for most women to do so. This indicates that a woman’s hormone levels are not where they should be. After our doctor uses blood and saliva tests to look at your hormone ratios, he will be able to decide if bio-identical hormone therapy is the right option for you. It is also possible for men to experience a drop in testosterone earlier than they should experience it. We will the happy to run some tests for you and help you to determine if bio-identical hormone treatment is the right option for you.

Many people use bio-identical hormone therapy because they have had their thyroid removed. If a person has had their entire thyroid or part of it removed, it is very likely that they are a good candidate for bio-identical hormone therapy. If a person is experiencing low thyroid function, it is important to understand what is causing the problem. Instead of simply recommending bio-identical hormone therapy, our doctor is going to try to get to the root of your health problem and then treat the problem.

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