While it may not be seen as a medical problem by everyone, depression should indeed be looked at as a true mental health condition. Rather than choosing to brush it under the rug, you can take major steps to turn your life around by seeking professional help for any symptoms of depression that you may experience. If you experience any of these or other concerning symptoms, we invite you to visit with one of our knowledgeable medical experts.

Mood Fluctuations

Mood changes are by far the most common symptoms in nearly everyone with depression. Feelings of sadness, hopelessness and discouragement are common with this diagnosis. While you may feel sad normally throughout many seasons of your life, the difference with depression is that the sadness does not abate. It is characterized by a feeling of grief or discouragement that lasts for more than two weeks. You may also feel helpless, worthless or empty.

Changes in Concentration

When you are dealing with depression, you may have trouble thinking clearly. You may quickly lose your concentration when doing work and may have difficulty remembering things. Even very simple tasks, such as reading a book or watching television, may be difficult. Indecisiveness is another hallmark symptom.


While anxiety may seem totally different from depression, it often goes hand in hand with this problem. Anxiety can make you feel panicky, and you may sweat or have a high heart rate.

Loss of Interest in Favorite Activities

When you are no longer interested in those activities that you once enjoyed, you have anhedonia. You may also lose interest in having sex with your partner.

Sleep Changes

Many people with depression sleep longer than usual, such as over nine hours per night. However, even with all of this sleep, you may still wake up feeling tired. Conversely, you may instead have difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep.

Appetite Changes

Unexpected weight gain or weight loss may affect you. This is described as gaining or losing more than five percent of your body weight in a month. You may lose interest in your favorite foods as well.

Thoughts of Death

One of the most concerning symptoms of depression is thoughts of death. If you have these thoughts, you should immediately contact a helpline or our office.

Depression is nothing that you should try to suppress in your own strength. When you put off treating your symptoms, you may end up with worsening symptoms that leave you feeling as if you do not have the energy to care about anything. Right here at Cady Wellness Institute in Newburgh, IN, we have a variety of treatment options designed to fit in well with your needs. Contact us today to book a consultation and learn more!