Hormone pellets have provided men and women with an innovative approach for hormone replacement therapy. They consist of hormones in a form that is bioidentical to the hormones that are naturally produced in the human body. They are compact. They’re smaller than the rice that you eat for dinner. The hormone pellets are skillfully implanted beneath the skin. Once the pellets are in place, they will release the hormone that has been lacking over time. For anyone who is looking for a convenient form of hormone replacement therapy that doesn’t require a daily dosage, hormone pellets could be the best alternative. Once they’re in place, you can forget about them for quite a while.

Why Do Men and Women Need Hormone Pellets?

Hormone pellets are typically recommended for men and women who are exhibiting signs of a drop in reproductive hormone levels. This drop in hormones typically occurs when a person is in his or her 40’s to 50’s. However, medical conditions may cause this drop at other periods in life. Some people experience the early onset of a hormonal imbalance. Chemotherapy may result in a hormonal imbalance as well. When these hormones drop, it can have a negative impact on a person’s quality of life. Hormone pellets can reverse the effects of low hormone levels.

How Do You Know that You Have Low Hormone Levels?

If your reproductive hormone levels have taken a nosedive, you are most likely going to experience bothersome symptoms. Typical symptoms include:

• A lack of energy
• Chronic fatigue
• Weight gain
• Moodiness
• Loss of libido
• Difficulty getting a full night’s rest
• Hot flashes at any time
• Night sweats
• Difficulty staying focused

While you may have a good guess that you are undergoing a drop in your hormone levels, you need to confirm it with a qualified medical professional. Our doctor can prescribe a dosage of hormone pellets that is right for you. He will monitor your progress and advise you of when you need to come in for your next dosage.

Getting Started

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