Functional medicine is a kind of alternative or complementary medicine that concentrates on environmental impacts on the immune, endocrine and gastrointestinal systems. It was developed by the nutritionist Jeffrey Bland. A functional medicine doctor can help you manage your health naturally and safely.

Functional medicine combines elements of Western and Chinese medicine. It borrows the concept of restoring balance from the latter and knowledge of physiology and biochemistry from the former. A functional medicine doctor will look for the cause of a disease rather than just prescribe medication to suppress the symptoms. For example, if a patient has acid reflux disease, a functional medicine doctor might ask them about their diet, medical history and lifestyle to try to determine the cause of the problem and provide an appropriate treatment.

What does a functional medicine doctor treat?

A functional medicine doctor treats a variety of chronic diseases that can be caused or exacerbated by nutritional problems or physiological imbalance. Functional medicine is sometimes described as a “food first” approach to medicine. Our doctor will, therefore, treat nutritional deficiencies, recommend supplements, and advise the patient on their diet. He will also conduct tests to determine if the patient has any allergies or sensitivities to certain foods.

What should a patient expect during their first visit with a functional medicine doctor?

Functional medicine doctors practice holistic medicine and therefore want extensive information about a new patient’s medical history. Some may ask for a year’s worth of medical reports and tests from the patient’s primary caregiver and any other doctors they visited. Similarly, they will want any information about any medications and supplements the patient has used. The doctor will then perform a physical exam, and he may take blood or saliva samples for tests. Some of the tests may be DNA tests to determine if the patient has any disorders with a genetic basis. Dr. Cady will work with as much information as possible to help you improve your health and overall wellness.

What is detoxification?

Detoxification is a natural process in which organs like the liver and kidneys remove toxins from the human body and send them to the excretory system to be eliminated. One of the tenets of functional medicine holds that pollution and increasingly processed foods are making it harder for the human body to eliminate toxins on its own. The toxins thus accumulate within the body and eventually impair the patient’s health.

Our functional medicine doctor takes a more holistic, personalized approach to health and wellness. Patients looking to improve their health and wellness can rest assured that Dr. Cady has tailored their treatment plan specifically for their body and mind.

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