Linda L. Simmons, LCSW

CWI EMDR Therapist

EMDR is a unique therapy designed for the treatment of trauma.  It is highly researched and has an amazing effectiveness.

I love EMDR because of the rapid symptom relief and the intensity of work that can be accomplished in a relatively short time.

People expecting therapy to last for months and months will be pleasantly surprised to learn that significant improvement can be obtained in as few as 5 sessions.

The trauma EMDR can treat can be historical for example, childhood sexual abuse.  It can also treat current trauma, as in a horrific car accident, or weather related violence like a tornado.

The theoretical background of EMDR is the contention that highly emotionally charged trauma gets stored in the right brain exactly as experienced.  The right brain does not have the logic and processing capacity that the left brain does, and through which we resolve minor trauma.  This situation leaves a person with major trauma essentially stuck.

EMDR uses bilateral stimulation (tracking eye movements, bilateral tapping or ping tones) to get both sides of the brain working together and at the same time.  This promotes the trauma survivor getting unstuck and able to process the traumatic memories.

In my experience EMDR has been an amazing treatment modality well worth investigating by anyone suffering from traumatic memories, especially those having flashbacks