Newburgh, IN – Feb 24, 2014.  Wanted: functional medicine practitioners & psychotherapists for Cady Wellness Institute. 

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One of my strategic goals for 2014 is to build out the staff here at Cady Wellness Institute more. The staff members that we have are great, I love them, and they’re staying. HOWEVER, I’m looking to increase our clinical presence in the community and region more and I need more functional medicine inclined practitioners and therapists to do it. Specifically:

  • MD’s and/or DO’s, and or DC’s who have significant training in functional medicine, nutritional supplementation, and want to practice unencumbered fee for service medicine where ONLY THE BEST INTEREST OF THE PATIENT is considered. The qualified candidates would also be well served by at least a moderate, and, preferably, an EXTENSIVE background in hormone replacement therapy.
  • Biomedical practitioners who are interested in treating autism and autism spectrum disorders.
  • Therapists who are interested in building out a significant clinical practice as a legitimate sole income stream for their career.

Any successful applicant for any of these positions needs to be well-adjusted, supremely well educated, emotionally mature, and come “with batteries included.” Egomaniacs need not apply. People who are solidly self-confident because of their character and achievements SHOULD.

None of these are salaried positions. These are “make what you earn” positions which, if maximized, should pay better than virtually any other competitive opportunity.

If interested in discussing this, please contact my front office staff (Claudia, Jackie, or Marilyn) at our main number – 812-429-0772 to arrange a brief phone call.